Friday, 30 May 2014

OSCAR NIGHT ! Annual Grand Dinner Kulliyyah Of Dentistry 2014

‘’Tonight’s Dream, Tomorrow’s Memory’’

It was indeed a memorable night of fun and laughter in the grand hall of OCD.  It was the night of the 3rd Annual Grand Dinner of KOD. The highly anticipated event by fellow KOD-ians was held on Tuesday the 20th of May 2014. The theme, personally pick by our own lecturers was Oscar Night. FYI, an Oscar is an annual grand award ceremony to celebrate all the great actors and actresses for their work in the movies industry. Likewise this AGD, was to celebrate the whole KOD-ians for their effort and hard work throughout the year.

On the night of the event, everything from the photo booth, the red carpet, the dining hall was perfectly set up by the remarkable committees. Without their efforts, none of this would happen. The guests were consist of the students of KOD, from year 1 until year 5, the staffs and the lecturers. As expected on the red carpet, almost everyone dress up glamorously for the event. The brothers, with their usual formal attire in suits and vests while the sisters appeared gorgeously in the dazzling dresses. Even the lecturers did not miss out shinning the night in stunning attires.

Brothers From Our Batch

Our Seniors on The Red Carpet...

With Colourful Dress...

And Stylista Style....

The event started around 8.00 o’clock with the recitation of doa and the beautiful Quran recitation by our fellow Eximius member, brother Ajmal Hakim who is also our new batch leader. As part of being a Muslim, we need to balance both the worldly matters and the hereafter. Next is the speech by one of our Deputy Dean , D r Solachuddin. In his speech, he congratulated all the committees involved in making this possible. Dr. Solachuddin also did not forget to remind us to be prepared for the upcoming professional exam as it is just around the corner.

Master Ceremony Of the Night.. Syazwan Shah & Farahin

After the lovely speech, the event continued to the main agenda which is the dinner itself. To keep the guest entertained during the dinner, several performances and lucky draws were done. The performances were conducted by year 1 and year 4 as well as the year 5 as a special performance. The sisters of Eximius showed their skills in using cups with their own rendition of the cups’ song ‘When I’m Gone’ while the brothers with the Malay classics’ ‘Kau Ilhamku’. Year 4, or 4th Legacy, combined their full voice to perform ‘The Climb’ which was originally sang by the ex-princess of Disney, Miley Cyrus.

Performance by Our Eximius Members... The Cup Song & Kau Ilhamku

The special performance was a uniquely written poem by the 5th year combined with the melodic music of the keyboard. We were so lucky to get to know them; they are a group of very nice people with various personalities. We, Eximius the 7th batch of KOD, wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation for being such wonderful seniors. All the best seniors!

Performance by Final Year Students.. Berhenti Mengharap

Back to the event, the lucky draws this year was pretty different as the draws were drawn by using computer software called, The Hat. The hat would randomly generate names of famous movie actors, actresses and movie title which were assigned to every guest upon registration.

Our Lucky Batch Members

The food of the night was pretty amazing. A set of Nasi Bukhara, with fried chicken and lamb curry, combined with a set of chicken and beef satay was mouth watering and to die for! There was also roasted lamb which was sponsored by our lovely Dr Basma. The dessert of the night? Pavlova, brownies, cendol and refillable ice cream!

Around The Glorious Night

Our Lovely Lecturers, Staff and Seniors in The Dine Hall

Say Cheesee !!!

One of the awaited happenings of the night is the award presentation for the 5th year and The Best dress award of the night. The 5th year awards was voted by the fellow KOD-ians and was distributed in a few categories, the categories and winners respectively are :-

  • Sportman's Award : Abu Zarrin Bin Aziz
  • Busy Bee Award : Mohd Arif Alwan Bin Khalid
  • Best Friend Award : Nur Sakinah Binti Ismail
  • People's Choice Award : Mohd Izral Bin Md Ismail
And for the best dress award, it was titled as the King (male lecturer or staff), the Queen (the female lecturer or staff), the Prince (brothers), the Princess (sisters). We Eximius members were proud to announce our own Bro Firdaus for receiving the Prince award. Congratulations to all the award winners :- 

                                                              Winners For Red Carpet Award

The award giving ceremony marked the end of this year's AGD. Despite a few shortcomings, the AGD can be considered as a huge success. Every plan is not a perfect plan except the plan from Allah. Kudos to the committee again, for their full dedication in making this event a remarkable night to remember. InsyaAllah, next year's AGD will bring even more fun, laughter and dessert..

Candid Time....

Again.... The Seniors

Look at the Giant Handmade Trophy...Wow... 

So,now is Our Turn... The Handsome Ulul Albab

And Pretty Lady Gigi..

See you Again ! InsyAllah....

Inspire Dedication From KODians

Final Year Students Kod

Performance By Year 1  [When i'm Gone][Cup Song]

Picture and Video Source : DENSS FACEBOOK & YOUTUBE


  1. stylista la pidotttttt

  2. Mana video perf Brothers Year 1 - Kau Ilhamku?

    1. video tu ada dekat youtube rasanya,mungkin tak boleh add dlm blog ni.... haha, manbai la sgt ~~~huuuu

    2. Eh, aku mmg Manbai la. X caye ke? hehehe.. Ni nak comment sikit pasal perf brothers tu. Better kalau nyanyi pakai satu mic je kot, suara x dgr berterabur sgt. Yg pakai baju merah tu suara sedap n_n Tp bro yg hujung kanan yg pakai baju biru tu mcm x nyanyi je~hehe... overall, GREAT PERF! THUMBS UP ★☆★

    3. Seingat saya hari tu mereka kata mic ada masalah, ada yang dengar ade tak dengar ,tu nmpk berterabur tu, masa nyanyi tanpa mic sedap je suara mereka

  3. fuiyoooo..ajmal new batch leader tuuu.. mantop...
    dia baca tarannum tak masa majlis ni??

    1. X der ke video 'new batch leader' baca al-quran? Nak request blh ^^

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    3. budak one year programme1 June 2014 at 14:53

      yang tanya tu aiman ke...haha

  4. pakaian sister kt kuantan kampus lagi sopan compared to gombak's.
    sister gombak pergi dinner pkai ntah pape2, ketat, mekap tebal2.. sebab nk grand punya pasal.

    1. sakit punggung ka? ada betul dia ckap tu.. pakai ketat2,mekap tebal, tabarruj.. islam x ajar macam tu..