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   This is the official blog for the Kulliyyah of Dentistry IIUM (Kuantan campus) 7th batch, the Eximius 7th. 

            This blog is created to update the news about our kulliyyah and also the world of dentistry. Hopefully this blog will benefit our batch members, and also students from all over the world who wish to overview the journey as a dentistry student in IIUM.


We are 7th batch Kulliyyah of Dentistry, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM); intake 2013/2014.

61 students, the "Kangkung" Batch; as Dr Bo Bo Ko called us.


MAINBOARD 2013/2014 (1st Year) 
1) Batch Leader - Zuhair bin Muhammad Asri
2) Asst. Batch Leader - Sarah Shafinaz binti Md Hisham
3) Class Representative - Muhamad Zulhelmi bin Baharuddin
4) Asst. Class Representative -  Siti Sarah binti Abu Bakar & Siti Nurbatrisya binti Mohamad Yusoff
5) Treasurer - Nurul Hazwani binti Naemuddin
6) Asst. Treasurer - Nasrul bin Mohamad
7) Secretary - Muhammad Mujahid bin Azhar
8) Asst. Secretary - Wan Asiah binti Wan Hasbullah


MAINBOARD 2014/2015 (2nd Year)
1) Batch Leader - Ajmal Hakim bin Ajis
2) Asst. Batch Leader - Nur Syariza binti Abdul Jalil
3) Class Representative - Aznan Hamim bin Abdul Wahab
4) Asst. Class Representative - Nur Hasnin binti Ahmad Raidin
5) Treasurer - Nur Amin bin Abd Rahman
6) Asst. Treasurer - Irani binti Alloha
7) Secretary -Mohd Syazwan Shah bin  Eddie
8) Asst. Secretary - Syazalina Binti Musa


MAINBOARD 2015/2016 (3rd Year)
1) Batch Leader - Ahmad Amnan bin Ahmad Tarmizi
2) Asst. Batch Leader - Aimi Syahirah binti Azmi
3) Class Representative - Muhammad Mujahid bin Azhar
4) Asst. Class Representative - Nurul Afiqah binti Abdul Aziz
5) Treasurer - Mohamad Nasrul Shahmi Bin Mohd Nasir
6) Asst. Treasurer - Hazirah binti Abdul Nasir
7) Secretary -Muhammad Ikramullah bin  Mohd Idzhar
8) Asst. Secretary -Nurul Syahidah binti Zakaria

MAINBOARD 2016/2017 (4th Year)
1) Batch Leader - Hafiz Izzudin bin Hashim
2) Asst. Batch Leader - Nurul Idayu binti Jayah
3) Class Representative - Muhammad Afif Naufal bin Mohamad
4) Asst. Class Representative - Syarifah Afifah
5) Treasurer - Fakhrul Nor Aziz bin Paridul Adras
6) Asst. Treasurer - Siri Mahirah binti So`odi
7) Secretary -Ainaa binti Ali
8) Asst. Secretary -Nasrul bin Mohamad


MAINBOARD 2017/2018 (Final Year) 
1) Batch Leader - Aznan Hamim bin Abdul Wahab
2) Asst. Batch Leader - Nurul Hazwani binti Naemuddin
3) Class Representative - Mohd Syazwan Shah bin  Eddie
4) Asst. Class Representative -  Khairunnisa binti Abu Zarim
5) Treasurer - Muhamad Zulhelmi bin Baharuddin
6) Asst. Treasurer - Fatin Halini binti Abdul Halim Chong
7) Secretary - Mohamad Firdaus bin Lokhman
8) Asst. Secretary - Farah Aqilah binti Kamaluddin

This is the beginning of our journey.
Each of us may face different experiences during this journey. I'm not sure whether we are all strong enough and well-prepared for the challenges that we are going to go through. But, there's one thing that I'm sure of, 

"We will be stronger" 

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